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Beyoncé doesn’t just sit at the table. She builds a better one.
Time Magazine

side eyes the hell out of graphics that have the little text saying inspiration - like nah, man, it wasn’t inspiration.

it was just you taking the idea and trend created by someone else and porting it over into your own show/and or fandom

inspiration should be looking at something and being “yo i like those colors and really like the idea and shit they used” but not replicating it exactly??? pls

Anonymous said: hi, i was just wondering what your thoughts were on how d&d fucked up the altar sex scene. i know you've been anticipating it, so i was just curious.


Do I even have thoughts at this point? Is it a thing that really happened or a prank, we just don’t know. It’s just really sad because with one hit the show literally assassinated both Jaime and Cersei’s characters, used rape as a plot device, robbed a female of her agency, pandered to their bad vs good boner and used bad writing for it. I don’t even know where to begin, because I am trying to see it from a different angle. Like, as a book reader, it isn’t hard to see that there are many things in common with the original scene. Hell, I loved 95% of the whole scene as a whole, I think it was brilliant and the acting was incredible. Overall, I really hoped they might get it right after all. But then those last five seconds literally ruined everything. By taking away Cersei’s agency they rob the character of something that is entirely hers, something that defines the character entirely. Cersei’s use of her sexuality along with the use of her influence is one of the most important parts of Cersei, and I am not really sure who I am looking at. It is certainly not my Cersei. Once again we look at a character being abused by a couple of dudebros who think rape is a good way to show weakness. I don’t know if this is part of D&D’s terrific plan to Make Cersei Likeable, but it’s not acceptable. Cersei literally says no when Jaime is inside her, while in the books she is the one to guide his movements. Originally, she is the one to initiate contact, to seek his proximity, while D&D seem to think it a-okay to offer a lamb up for slaughter, in the name of their own agenda. Be it to show the Lannisters are the sick bad guys, or to cast a shadow ovr Jaime and Cersei’s relationship, I don’t care, they did it in the more cowardly possible way.

This is not my show. And these are really not my characters. Don’t get me started on the 765789 ways and reason in and for which Jaime Lannister would never rape anyone because he is the opposite of all HBO showed us tonight. They built up a Jaime Lannister only to demolish everything he stands for, and I find it offensive as a viewer. It’s like they’re treating me like the most stupid person in the world. As a book reader, I am even more furious, because they know this is not what it was supposed to be like.

And to add to the ridiculousness, now both writers and director and actors say it’s not rape, and consensual eventually (lmao what the fuck does that even mean) because they know they fucked up, god they know so bad and they’ll know even worse in the morning when feedback starts coming in. They perpetrate the lack of consent as not rape, trying to give in a free pass as they always enjoyed power-play so it is bound to turn them on (I quote loosely what Alex Graves said about the episode). Now, Alex Graves, thank you for this impressive load of bullhit, I’m sure everyone enjoys it as much as me.

I could literally go on forever but at this point I don’t even care, the original is what matters. Jaime Lannister and Cersei Lannister are not what I saw tonight. I’m literally so done with your fucking rape culture, world. So done you could serve me and eat me.

Anonymous said: opinions on the altar scene from the last episode of got?

what the fuck what the FUCK what the actual fuck what the FUC K WHAT THE FUCK WHAT  th e literal FUCK what th E FUCK WHAT THE FUCK what t HE FUCK inG FUCK is going in on in d&d’s heads.

like y’all need to  be pushed off a bridge. intentionally. 

Title: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Artist: Nina Simone
Album: Gold Disc 2
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Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood | Nina Simone

I was not made
for you
to kiss.
I was made
to walk
through fire.
elisabeth hewer


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Eaux Profondes. Natasa Vojnovic in Alexander McQueen Spring 2008, photographed by Alix Malka for Numéro #94, June/July 2008.

Title: Losing You
Artist: Solange
Album: True
Plays: 969

Solange — Losing You

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